1957 Morris Minor 


A Proper Family Car

Drive Maine is very proud to introduce our newest member of the fleet, “Morris”. It was perhaps a stroke of luck that we found him. Located no more than a football field away from our doorstep, hidden away in a storage shed, Morris sat for nearly ten years waiting to be discovered. We only knew of his existence 3 months ago when the door to the shed was opened for the first time in years. Morris was remarkably preserved, however long-term storage can be excruciatingly hard on motor vehicles. Layers of dirt, dust, and copious amounts of bird droppings have exacted their toll on the paint. However, unlike most derelict cars, the engine, transmission, rear end, and interior were spared and had been thoughtfully prepared for an extended slumber.

            Drive Maine exhumed Morris in July 2019 and began the slow task of returning him to the open road. Methodically inspecting, lubricating, cleaning, and replacing vital parts such as brakes, ignition components, fluids, and wiring it was time to start him up. Only after a few attempts did Morris finally decide it was time to be awake again. He proved to be resilient to having been all but forgotten. Now we find Morris, once again running strong and cruising the roads as he was always intended to do. True, he bears the scars of his long sleep, his paint is chipped, scratched, faded, and he has a few dings, however his scars, like our own, are a part of his story…and what a story he can tell, and we at Drive Maine invite you to add to it as well.

Morris will be available for Self-Drive, Photoshoots, Weddings, and Chauffeured Event rentals Spring 2020.

Vehicle Specifications:

  • Two door, four seat convertible
  • Turquoise exterior with red interior
  • 1275 CC 4-cylinder engine
  • 4-speed manual transmission (non-synchro first gear)
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Convertible options:
    • Vinyl convertible top
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