Additional Services

Drive Maine is not only your source for classic car rentals, we also provide other services for your automotive needs. Please view our list of additional service and contact Drive Maine for more information.

Classic Car Locator services

If you are in the market for purchasing a classic car, Drive Maine is here to help. Perhaps you are unsure about what type of classic you want to buy. Perhaps you have found a car and would like a second pair of eyes to dig a bit deeper on its overall condition. Our expert inspections of your vehicle of interest can help you make an informed decision. We tirelessly study all makes and models and are familiar with trouble spots, parts suppliers, and as an impartial third party we will be able to give you an unbiased real-world assessment. We use a comprehensive vehicle inspection form, which will be provided to you upon completion. We are here to help you get the best classic car at the best price. Please contact us for more information, pricing, and terms of service.

Coach Painting Class

An exciting opportunity to learn a forgotten skill. Coach painting is the traditional method of painting a car. Before spray guns and paint booths manufactures meticulously hand painted vehicles with a brush. A method called brushing and tipping thin layers of paint creating a mirror smooth finish and beautiful results. To learn more about these exciting classes please email us for more information, pricing, and dates. Space is limited.

Guest Cars For Rent

Normally the words “make money” and “classic car” are at the opposite end of the universe. Often more money goes out than in comes in. However, Drive Maine offers a solution to offset the costs for your classics on going needs. Simply by making your classic available as one of our guest cars for our customers. Whether you want to make your car available for photo shoots only, wedding transportation, or even self-drive rentals let us advertise your car and handle the paperwork and guide you throughout the rental process. We are teamed up with Hagerty Drive Share which allows you the confidence that your vehicle will be completely cared for and fully insured. You pick who and what you want your classic to be used for, you set the rates.  You can turn down any rental request without penalty. For more information and terms please contact Drive Maine.


With the onset of Covid-19 every part of life was affected, including our most cherished celebrations. Drive Maine has used this temporary interruption and is currently building a new showroom and shop with an on-site photography and small event garden. This garden will be the perfect setting for your small wedding ceremony, engagement photos, or family portraits. We also will be offering our vehicles as props if you so choose. Keep watching both our Facebook page and this website for updates as we plan to open this amazing setting summer 2022.

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