Current Projects

In order to keep our inventory fresh, Drive Maine always has something new rolling through our doors. Currently we have four project cars undergoing various stages of restoration. We will try to keep this area updated as often as possible, be sure to check out our Facebook page as well for the current happenings in our shop!

"Mr. Schmidt" 1967 Morris Minor Pickup
Drive Maine was very fortunate to find "Mr. Schmidt in January of 2020. The Morris Minor These pickups are quite rare today, as most led hard working lives in all manner of trade and delivery roles. Fewer than 500 were imported into the US during their near two decade production run, with most of them remaining in the UK.

"Mr. Schmidt" was purchased new by Schmidt Motor Company (Austin and MG sales) in Orlando Florida in 1967. Here our little Morris spent the next few years delivering parts for the dealership. He was parked sometime around 1970/71 with only 6990 miles on the clock. It seems that an engine freeze plug dislodged and rather than repair this $3.00 part he was left untouched in the back lot. Apparently during this time there was some strife within the dealership, which eventually dissolved in the late 1970's.

Mr.Schmidt made his way into private hands after the dealership closed, however he was never put back on the road. In fact when Drive Maine purchased our pint sized pickup, the original Dunlop tires were still fitted, and the freeze plug that put him out of commission still had a hole in it.

Drive Maine is currently preforming a sympathetic restoration on "Mr.Schmidt" in keeping with his original role, and to preserve his very unique story. Plan on meeting "Mr.Schmidt" spring 2021!
Original Dealership Plate
The Triplets...1955 Austin A30 (Blue car aka "Elizabeth") and 1957 Austin A35s (Yellow "Polley" and Green "Basil"

They say things happen in "three's", and certainly that was the case when we happened upon "Elizabeth", "Polley", and "Basil." What originally was an inquiry on purchasing one car turned into a bulk purchase. As my wife Jaime says "go big or go home!" These small Austin A30/35's are a pre-cursor to the future dynamos of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) namely the Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite, and the Austin/Morris Mini. Truly created to be a blue collar mans transport, it was not long before intrepid folks started racing these unassuming tin tops on the famous circuits around Britain with notable success. To this day, the Austin A30/35's are campaigned on racetracks throughout Europe in a class of their own to the raucous cheers of fans, with the pinnacle event being the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The darling of our little trio is "Basil" the green A35. He was originally purchased new by two elderly sisters in Connecticut. The gentleman we purchased the car from knew the car intimately as he was a gas station attendant during the 1950's where the two sisters would once a week take the car and put "about .65 cents" of fuel in and drive back home. It was also noted that there would be a rather disgruntled line of cars two miles long behind this trio of sisters and car, as they wouldn't drive much over 15mph!

Basil is next in line for restoration, and we will be keeping him as close to original as possible, yet keeping in mind period correct upgrades to make a more usable vehicle for modern roads.
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